The European Route

Now that you know what we are setting out to accomplish with this project of ours, maybe you are wondering just how we are going to get there. Cycling and bike touring are a huge part of the culture here in Europe. What started as a pastime for the wealthy classes of London in the 19th century, is now a means of travel, fundraising, and adventure in today's society. There are many people who have attempted to break world cycling records in terms of distance. One of the most well-known long distance cyclists is Mark Beaumont, who holds the current world record for the fastest circumnavigation of the world. Save the desire to break world records, we are following in the tread marks of these adventurers.

The good thing about starting our trip in Spain is that there are a number of bicycle routes that are already pre-mapped and vetted. These routes are sponsored by the European Union in conjunction with the European Cyclist's Federation. Finally, this particular route will take us from the coast of Spain to the coast of Greece. This EuroVelo route is dubbed the Mediterranean route and will cover about 6,000km or 3,700mi. We will have the chance to visit 23 UNESCO World Heritage site and 11 countries. Read more about our European Route here!