Why we are Travelling

In this section I´m going to explain why we are doing this trip, but if you don't feel like reading as much you  can scroll down and go straight to the answer.

We have always had a passion for connecting with people and working for a better society.

We are both educators (Will is a teacher and I´m a social educator) and when our time working in South Korea was coming to an end, an inevitable question popped into our heads…what´s next?

We are not ready, maybe will never be, to settle down in house for a 9 to 5, and go on vacation whenever possible.

While Will had thought for himself a more traditional lifestyle, I try to not think too far ahead. So while browsing and binge watching YouTube, I discovered people who lived on bicycles and that absolutely blew my mind. I had seen nomadic lifestyles like in vans, RV, or even backpacks, but having a sustainable, respectful to vehicle to move through the world was very much, next level amazing to me.

I thought about it long and hard, and I thought how I would see myself on that position. When I was fully convinced that it was what I wanted to do, I talked to Will about it, about the question that had raised in our heads:

-So… Will, you know, I´ve been thinking about what are we gonna do next.. and I think I know what I want to do for the next months…

+Oh cool! and what´s that? maybe another country here in Asia, you can work in a different NGO and I´ll be a teacher somewhere?

-Uhh… no, I was thinking that I´m done for now with desktop job and the 9 to 5. I have been learning about these people who travel the world on bicycles and impact and work with communities that they encounter.

+What?!?! You want to bicycle the world?!?!

(after this, a long conversation of me explaining to Will how this lifestyle was possible took place, and right after I was done explaining it he asked the most logical and systematically capitalistic questions)

+Alright, so how are we going to live with no job?

-We will work to sustain ourselves, but the most important thing is going to be changing and cutting down our expenses.

+So we are having no “regular” job, and what about when we want to finish with this trip?

- We will figure it out then, life spins around it is not a straight line.

(then he used this expression, that I had never heard but thought it was great)

+Nahia, do you understand what you are saying? You wanna escape the rat race!

A couple days went by, where Will was almost disturbed about our conversation and we talked nothing about this; until one night I came home from work at night he told me:

+Nahia, I´m with you. Let´s have untraditional lives and go on this adventure.

And this VERY MOMENT is the BEGINNING of the WHY we are doing this.

Why are we doing this?  Because why not

Why on bicycles?   Because is a sustainable way to travel the world, fast enough where you can race, slow enough so you can smell where you are.

Why at the peak of our professional development?   Because this is the right time for us.

Are we afraid of doing this? Yes, this a big change for us. But isn't everybody somewhat afraid of what they are doing.

My fellow co-worker, Myeongin, one time told me something that stuck with me: “Every decision has a bit of regret”. And she is totally right, every decision you take and every choice you make means that in that very precise moment you are choosing something among other options. And naturally you will wonder if that is the right choice.

Got anymore questions we haven´t answered? Don´t hesitate to contact us, we will talk to you gladly!