Who are we?

Hiking in the Basque Country.

Hiking in the Basque Country.


We are Nahia and Will, a couple that has cycled from Spain to Croatia with a goal of reaching Thailand.




An educator with a passion for culture, cycling and travelling, William believes in the power to effect positive change in the world through intercultural exchange and learning.


As a social educator, Nahia likes impacting the world, connecting with those around her, and is the mastermind behind this project. :)


What are we doing?

This a short explanation of what we are doing. For more details on how to help click here

How  did we meet?

How we met is a corny story that you don´t have to read at all, but here it is anyway.

Six years ago, I was a senior at Bucknell University taking a class on Race and Ethnicity; a class everyone told me not to take.  One the first day of class, the professor put us all in different groups to discuss the reading we were assigned for homework the night before.

Everyone in my group shared their thoughts on the reading except one young lady who I had not seen around campus before. I kindly asked her what she thought about the reading. She responded and I was enamored.

Since then,  Nahia and I have been travelling and learning about the world together. 

We are excited to share with you our adventures and to get to know you.